Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why Womyn?

Before we get too far, here, I suppose it is a good idea to explain the term "Womyn."

Let me start by saying that I am not a feminist. I never thought we as women needed to be equal to men. Wouldn't that be restricting ourselves? I kid. Seriously, I always felt that men and women have such different things to offer, that why should we be striving for some kind of unnatural equality when we should be stepping up with our own unique strengths?

I was also a little set off that the word "woman" - why must that be? As though we belong to "man", can't
exist without "man", are nothing besides an offset of a man? Or it can be looked at as WO-man is MORE than man. Still, man is in the mix there. Hey - I'm married. I love my man. I DON'T want to live without him. I just feel there is a more elegant expression of what I am besides a subset of a man. There is now to be Man, Woman, Womyn, Men, Women, Wymyn. Womyn and the plural Wymyn will be recognized as something besides, something other, something in addition to. One that has a different purpose than breeding. One who does not plan to procreate but will be a mouthpiece and soldier for Mother Nature.

This is about when people start to think this is a little too out there. Actually, yes, it is. It is out there. It has to be. We need a paradigm shift. Those aren't meant to be tiny. Those are meant to be OUT THERE. Huge. Complete reset. That calls for radical changes in thinking. Why not start with terms to shake things up?

This is a new word for a new concept for a new definition of a human (and there is that word "man" again right in there!!!) who has a completely different purpose on this planet. Wymyn will need to stand up to speak for our Mother. To speak for the women that cannot speak for themselves. To show women there can be another way. To protect the children that are here now that will inherit this mess. To make sure this place is around for them to enjoy.

Because at the rate we are going now, it won't be enjoyable much longer. Men aren't doing it. Women aren't doing it. oh, sure, individuals here and there are really taking a stand and doing amazing things, but it's going to take more than that. It will take Womyn.

I am Womyn. Please come forward if you are one, too. We need each other.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Coming.

I don’t have children. Never will. Some would say that I therefore have no vested interest in the future of the planet. Actually most people try to say that, you know, those that have kids. I'm constantly told I don't know what I'm talking about, but maybe that's 'cuz I can't keep my big yap shut. But I see children all the time, naturally. They are, of course, everywhere. We have no shortage of humans. We are certainly not in danger of becoming extinct. 

When I see them, I want to apologize to all of them. Children waiting for the bus in the morning, children playing, teens hanging out, cheerleaders at the high school football games, teens working a minimum wage job to save for that car or college… I want to run up to them to tell them how sorry I am. I am sorry that they have such a tough road ahead of them. I am sorry we are ruining this planet for them. I am sorry that they and their children will not get to enjoy the halcyon days of the Holocene that we in my generation and the several before have enjoyed.

But if I do that then I'm just the creepy stalky crazy woman, so I kinda don't.

Well that's depressing.
Used to be the Earth happily gave us everything we needed - food, medicine, shelter. But we refused and turned away, so the giving has slowed. Used to be days when water was not a concern. But we took it for granted until pure water became a rare commodity. Used to be days that were temperate -  some too hot, some too cold, but many just right. But we kept burning fossil fuels into our thin little atmosphere because we needed our convenient lives and greedy men needed more and more control and power and money, even though we were all warned over and over by those who knew better, and so days all became way too hot or way too cold. Times were when we had plenty but never thought it was enough, and so now everything is a struggle.

Wait. We aren’t at that point, surely? No, we aren’t.

Not yet.

Are we?

Justify Yourself

It's expensive to raise a child! It's really tough when you're a single parent. Well, so I've heard. I've never had a kid through multiple marriages, so I can't say by personal experience. But I imagine it's tough on a lot of levels. I'm very content to just imagine, thanks.

Statistics tell me that a single parent must earn $48,840 per year to make ends meet. Full-time minimum wage jobs pay $17,160 per year. Do we need to raise minimum wage? Of course we do. Everyone else working gets a proper cost-of-living wage increase; minimum wage has lagged. More pressingly, however, the thought that surfaces for me is, Solution: Don’t have kids. It’s not hard. If one cannot afford them, one should not have them. It’s simple math. “Because I want kids” is not a valid reason to have kids. If your situation changed after you already had kids, and you had security but that went away, you lost it, laid off, sickness, something, I'm sorry for your loss but please refer back to the solution mentioned above. Nothing in this world is secure. Jobs are not secure. Relationships are not secure. Why risk it? Remember, I already said “Because I want them” is not a valid argument. Those are the rules here. Sorry, I didn't make them, I just follow them. Oh, wait - I did make them. Yeah - not a valid argument.

It’s funny how those of us who are Childfree by Choice (Yes - we actually talk to and support one another and share horror stories - we have to, you left us no choice, you badgered us until we were finally able to find each other) have to defend our decision to not have kids. All. The. Time. No one asks parents to defend their children to HAVE kids, yet their choice is the bigger burden all around… to themselves, to the resources on the planet, to the rest of us here. They say we are selfish to choose a child free life. Is it not more selfish to expect everyone to sacrifice in the name of their desire to have too many kids?

What's my point here? My point is to THINK about the consequences instead of just going on and on about how it's a basic right to have kids. It is said every time anyone brings up the topic of procreation. “It’s my God-given right to have kids!” Oh? Where does your right to have kids end and where does everyone else's right to enough resources and a healthy environment begin? This is an issue of LOGIC. When you introduce God and religion and emotion into it, logic breaks down. There is no logical answer to that question, therefore, I am correct. Logic always wins. Well, it should. Logically.

Did this piss you off? Why? Did it make you think at all? Did you think I was way off base? Good. Tell me so. Let's actually talk about it. Because I am sick and tired of being afraid to speak up about this. It's the elephant in the room. It's the issue environmentalists refuse to discuss.


So let's talk.