Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Coming.

I don’t have children. Never will. Some would say that I therefore have no vested interest in the future of the planet. Actually most people try to say that, you know, those that have kids. I'm constantly told I don't know what I'm talking about, but maybe that's 'cuz I can't keep my big yap shut. But I see children all the time, naturally. They are, of course, everywhere. We have no shortage of humans. We are certainly not in danger of becoming extinct. 

When I see them, I want to apologize to all of them. Children waiting for the bus in the morning, children playing, teens hanging out, cheerleaders at the high school football games, teens working a minimum wage job to save for that car or college… I want to run up to them to tell them how sorry I am. I am sorry that they have such a tough road ahead of them. I am sorry we are ruining this planet for them. I am sorry that they and their children will not get to enjoy the halcyon days of the Holocene that we in my generation and the several before have enjoyed.

But if I do that then I'm just the creepy stalky crazy woman, so I kinda don't.

Well that's depressing.
Used to be the Earth happily gave us everything we needed - food, medicine, shelter. But we refused and turned away, so the giving has slowed. Used to be days when water was not a concern. But we took it for granted until pure water became a rare commodity. Used to be days that were temperate -  some too hot, some too cold, but many just right. But we kept burning fossil fuels into our thin little atmosphere because we needed our convenient lives and greedy men needed more and more control and power and money, even though we were all warned over and over by those who knew better, and so days all became way too hot or way too cold. Times were when we had plenty but never thought it was enough, and so now everything is a struggle.

Wait. We aren’t at that point, surely? No, we aren’t.

Not yet.

Are we?

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