Monday, December 16, 2013

An Old Argument

"They" say this whole population thing is an old argument. "They" say we just keep bringing it up. I've come to the forefront of the climate reality, and while many talk about fossil fuels and overconsumption, I say we MUST rein in population. 7 billion is way too many, and we aren't stopping any time soon. I am not alone in this line of thinking. 

I found this from my good friend in Australia on that "green Marxist" site:
Population control is an old argument tacked onto a new issue
Climate change is just the latest in a long list of issues that has been seized on by advocates of population control.
For centuries, simplistic population theories have been advanced to explain the existence of poverty, hunger, famine, disease, war, racism and unemployment.
In each case, the real social and economic causes of these social ills have been glossed over. Time is running out to avert global warming – we need to take serious action that tackles the problem at the root.
"Simplistic population theories"? Maybe it's simplistic because it's so obvious and logical. There is rampant unemployment in the US. Why is this? Because of greed? Maybe it's because there is NOT enough for all these people to do? Are we to pull jobs out of thin air for people to do? We seem to be getting along OK with the amount of work being done.. in fact, there are jobs we have created that don't even need to BE jobs. (Um... anal bleaching? Do we really need to pay someone to do that in their day's work? There's a memo I missed.) I agree that there are "social ills" at play here, but perhaps until we fix them, we should slow down a little. Or a lot. The author is right - we are running out of time. Perhaps, then, we need to employ ALL solutions. We need to throw everything at it possible. Disease? Um, yes, it is well-proven that when disease hits, um, where there are a lot of people, uh, a lot more people get it and spread it and die. Simplistic? Sure, yes it is. BECAUSE IT'S SIMPLY TRUE. Hunger? Yes we have that now, why add more to the mix? Because these problems aren't getting fixed. Here's something simplistic: if there is something wrong with your car, you stop driving it and fix it. THEN you continue. How about we stop and fix things first?
Old argument? I'll tell you why it's an old argument: because we haven't gotten anywhere with it, because people prefer to ignore it, because it hasn't gone away, just gotten worse. That's why it's an old argument. Because it hasn't been SOLVED yet. Because it's only getting worse. Because it is the giant elephant in the room, and this author has not convinced me in the slightest. 
Eh. That's OK. I probably wouldn't convince him either. I would love to sit down to chat with him sometime. I think that would be fun. 

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