Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why It's Close to Hopeless

Here's why I have so little hope that we as a people can change/make it/turn it around, and why we need to just stop expanding population: Incandescent light bulbs.

Yep, these little items spell doom and downfall to me. The noise around these things is unreal. From the how-dare-the-gub'mint-tell-me-what-bulb-I-can-use (it's really not) to the myriad of excuses against CFLs or anything else. The government isn't even banning the incandescents; instead, BUSH ordered bulbs to be more efficient, so really these are just getting phased out. After all, they are 90% inefficient. I think that qualifies as something that should be phased out. Call me crazy.

But why we're surely doomed is evidenced by the amount of hoarding that is taking place. I have personally seen people buy dozens of them, so as to continue wasting electricity and changing them once a year. I do not comprehend this behavior. Are we so resistant to change? Is it the feeling of being forced to do something? Well that's just silly. Don't even try to bring up the mercury issue in CFLs. That's VERY silly. Some complain the CFLs take a minute to really get up to full light, so they don't like them. BEYOND SILLY!

It should be a natural thing - in my head anyway - to think, "Oh, hey, the bulb I am currently [no pun intended] using wastes precious energy, not just for me and my electric bill, but for the whole world. My using something so inefficient is really bad for everyone. I am happy to switch [another no-pun] to something that saves resources for EVERYONE." But people don't think that way. They resist change, they don't think beyond their own backyard, and no matter what is told to them - that the LEDs and CFLs WILL save tons of money in the long run and will last for years and years - they won't be swayed.

So, yeah, this is why I have little hope for our growing population. We can quit while we're behind. Until we can get a whole lot smarter about a whole lotta things, we really can just slow down. Quality instead of quantity for a change? Oops - don't use that word: change. It's bad. And do NOT recommend doing something for the good of all. We have come to believe that would be SOCIALISM or something, or that Ayn Rand would like it, or... I don't even know. I know Congress has tried to repeal the law, even though it was done by their own guy back in 2007.

Then again, if we lived by the rule of logic and by traveling as equals, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this.

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