Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not Sure What Part is Most Alarming.

Feel free to click and read this article if you wish, but I'll try to address it in a way that you won't need to. It refers to a "Baby Hatch" in China. 25 such places have opened there since 2011. It is a safe haven to drop off an unwanted child anonymously - it is illegal to abandon a child in China, but it happens anyway all the time, especially in poorer regions.

Since this particular hatch in this story - in a city named Guangzhou - opened, they have received on average 5 babies a day. That's a staggering number to me. They closed the doors after they hit 262 babies; they just didn't have room. That is also astounding to me. But it doesn't stop there.

ALL 262 of the babies dropped off at THIS ONE place in THIS ONE city, every one of them suffers from a disease or disability. The article mentions Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy, congenital heart disease. So that's where I get all twisted in my head. What's more alarming: the sheer number of abandoned babies, or the fact that the sheer number of abandoned babies are all that sick?

Of course, we know that the massive amount of rampant pollution in China is causing all the problems. Can we not see that, and learn from that? What is going to become of this next generation? Is Mother Nature finally slamming the door? I realize this is a fairly isolated situation... but then my brain yells "Over 200 babies in a few months!!!!" and I am staggering under the thought of it again.

That's all. I have no answers. I'm just trying to share the weight of this. This has to stop. WE have to stop. We have to look at what is happening all over the world. We can't turn a blind eye because it's not our kids and it's not our country... this is humanity and this is happening. And as the saying goes, "We all live downstream."

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